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# Resource Renamer
A tool that enables you to quickly rename a single Android resource that is already split up into multiple folders, e.g. `drawable-xhdpi`, `drawable-xxhdpi`, ...
It will reuse the file extension of the files that are already present inside the directory.
## Example Usage
./rr.clj -d "/home/schrofi/Downloads/random_asset" -n "ic_photo"
### Fish
To more conveniently use the tool from the commandline, you can define a fish function like this:
function rr
PATH_TO_SCRIPT/rr.clj -d $(pwd) -n $argv[1]
funcsave rr
And then just use the tool by opening a terminal in the resource folder you want to rename and execute `rr TARGET_NAME`.

resource-renamer/rr.clj Executable file
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#!/usr/bin/env bb
(require '[ :refer [parse-opts]])
(def cli-options
[["-d" "--directory DIRECTORY" "Directory"]
["-n" "--name NAME" "Target resource name"]])
(def options (:options (parse-opts *command-line-args* cli-options)))
(defn- rename-child
[folder target-name]
(let [files (.listFiles folder)]
(if (= (count files) 1)
(let [resource (first files)
extension (last (str/split (.getName resource) #"\."))]
(when (nil? extension) (throw (.Exception "file does not have a file extension")))
(.renameTo resource (io/file (str (.getParent resource) ( target-name "." extension))))
(throw (.Exception "directories need to contain exactly one file")))))
(let [directory (io/file (:directory options))]
(doseq [subdirectory (.listFiles directory)]
(rename-child subdirectory (:name options))))